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Monday, February 26, 2007

Lor's Favourite Couple. Part 1.

Sorry for not updating. Got kind of lazy;

My Number One Favourite Couple is the one and only, Charray, a.k.a Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam.

(haha, just imagine Ron and Bernice aren't in the pic)

Why are they my favourite couple?

1. Both Charmaine and Raymond are my favourite TVB actress/actor.
2. I think they have really great chemistry.
3. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that t
hey always laugh and talk to each other when they are together.
4. One is beautiful, one is handsome. PERFECT MATCH! :-)
5. After watching LWOLAP for like, 100000 times, lols, I feel that they are really compatible with each other, and I don't think I'll ever be bored of LWOLAP!

There's more reasons, but feeling lazy to list them.

Charmaine's Profile :

Name: Charmaine Sheh
Birthday: May 28, 1975

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Horoscope: Gemini
Height: 165cm
Clothes Size: Extra Small
Shoes Size: Seven and a half
Education Level: University of Switzerland( Hotel Mana
gement )
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Brands: Too Many
Favourite Animal: Dogs
Favourite Colour: Red
Measurements: 32-22-33
Blood Type: A+


Time Off (1998)
The Flying Fox Of Th
e Snowy Mountain(1999)
Detective Investigation Files IV(1999)
The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Sabre(2000)
Return Of The Cuckoo(2000)
Crimson Sabre(2000)
Perfect Match(2000) (Movie)
Country Spirit(2001)

An Herbalist Affair(2001)
Seven Sisters(2001)
The White Flame(2002)
Blue Moon(2002) (Movie)
Witness To A Prosecution II(2002)
Perish In The Name of Love(2002)

Life Begins at Forty(2002)
Love is Butterfly(2002) (Movie)
Qian Long Xia Jiang Nam(2003)
Carry Me Fly and Walk Off(2003)
Point of No Return(2003)
Angels of Mission(2004)
War and Beauty(2004)
Strike at Heart(2005)
Yummy Yummy: Food For Life(2005)
Always Ready(2005)
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion(2006)
The Dance of Passion(2006)
Maidens Vow(2006)

Glittering Days(2006)
The Drive of Life(2007) (Currently Still Filming)
The Lady Iron Chef(2007) (Movie)

Raymond's Profile:

Name: Raymond Lam
Nickname: Chocolate or Fung jai
Birthday: December 8, 1979
Birthplace: Xiamen, China
Height: 180cm
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Dancing and Singing
Talent: Singing and Swimming
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Taiwanese


A Taste of Love(2001)
A Step Into The Past(2001)
Eternal Happiness(2002)
Golden Faith(2002)
Lofty Water Verdant Bow(2003)
Survivors Law(2003)
Blade Heart(2004)
Twin Of Brothers(2004)
The Last Breakthrough(2004)
Yummy Yummy: Food For Life(2005)
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion(2006)
La Femme Desperado(2006)
Face to Fate(2006)
The Master of Tai Chi(2007) (Still hasn't aired yet)
Heart of Greed a.k.a Storm In The Pool(2007)
Love Multiplication(2007)
The Drive of Life(2007) (Still Filming)


Even though Charmaine is older than Ray, I still love them <3


This is just part one of my favourite couples. Stay tuned for more! :-)

Credits to: Wikipedia for the info

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year.

About Me

Welcome to my blog. I'm not very experienced at using blogspot, but I'll try. My friend will be helping me with this blog, but she wants to remain anonymous :P

Anyways to start off, a little introduction about me. Not gonna tell you guys my real name though ;)

Real Name: -blank-
Age: 13
Country: U.S.A
Gender: Female
Favourite series: Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion. The Academy. At The Threshold of an Era 1 and 2.
Favourite actresses: Charmaine Sheh. Leila Tong. Myolie Wu. Niki Chow. Nancy Wu. Bernice Liu.
Favourite actors: Raymond Lam. Sammul Chan. Bosco Wong. Kevin Cheng. Ron Ng.
Favourite couples: Charray. Boscolie. Sameila. NiKe. TaRo. KG.